Raising Mochi: Asia Ray Monet Introduces Her Dog to K9 Magazine

Asia Ray Monet shot to fame on Lifetime's 'Dance Moms'. She joined the third season of the global hit TV show and as one of the most popular contestants on the show, she was offered her own TV series 'Raising Asia' alongside her mom, dad, and little sister Bella Blu.

Growing up in the spotlight, Asia's passion for music and acting has also led to the release of her debut album and starring roles in TV shows such as 'American Crime Story - The People v. O.J. Simpson' and 'Grey's Anatomy'.

As her star continues to shine bright, K9 Magazine caught up with the young star to find out more about her dog, Mochi.

Hi Asia, thanks so much for making the time to chat with us. We've seen your dog making an appearance on your social media so we'd love to hear lots more about her!

My puppy, Mochi, is a Peekapoo mixed breed. Her mom is a Pekingese and dad is a Poodle.

She is very playful and loving. Whenever my mom asks Mochi for kisses, she will literally stop whatever she is doing and jump over everyone to give my mom kisses. I always think it is so funny every time she does it.

We recently taught her how to stand with her paws up.

Is Mochi your first dog?

Yes, she is. I have always wanted a puppy, but my parents were against it because they thought I would be too busy to take care of it. Luckily, my dad surprised me with Mochi last year and I could not be happier. While my schedule can get really busy sometimes, my mom always helps make sure that Mochi is taken care of.

You shot to fame on 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition' before joining season 3 of 'Dance Moms', which led to your own TV show 'Raising Asia' letting viewers see more of your passion for dancing and acting.

Still at school with your career continuing to blossom, describe an average day for us.

It varies for different projects, but I usually have an early call time for school. I start out with wardrobe, hair/makeup check, and then work on scheduled scenes for the day. So it is roughly a nine-hour day.

Photography: Araya Diaz Hair/Make-up: Nichole Ray

Does Mochi ever get to join you at work?

Mochi loves to come on set with me, but I usually do not take her unless I have a short day on set.

And if you have a day off, how do you and Mochi enjoy it?

Mochi usually wakes up at about 8am. She eats little egg whites mixed with her wet dog food. She loves to play and run around before we get her ready for the day.

Photo Credit:

When we travel, we have a carrier with her traveling treat and water bag for her. She always gets really excited whenever she sees it and waits by her bag until we are ready to go so she travels with us and even has her own luggage! My mom refers to Mochi as her third child.

Ah, that sounds amazing! Tell us a little about some of Mochi's favourite things.

Where is her favourite place on earth?

Her favourite place is the outdoor dog-friendly shopping mall that is close to our home. Just like me, Mochi loves to go to the mall!

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A girl after my own heart! How else does she have fun?

She loves playing fetch with her mini Frisbee and her favourite toy is her stuffed animal 'Eeyore', which she carries to her bed every night.

Ok so we'll move onto our quick fire questions. Are you ready?

Which do you prefer & why:

Small dogs or large dogs – I love dogs of all sizes.

Dancing or singing - I love both dancing and singing.

TV shows or movies - Movies.

Dance Moms or Raising Asia - Raising Asia.

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Finish the following sentence: My dog is…so loving and always puts a smile on my face.

Tell us an interesting fact about you that not many people will know.

Not only do I love dogs, but I also love all animals in general!

Mochi clearly means a huge amount to your family. Almost 80 million homes in America choose to share their lives with a dog, as a young dog owner why do you think that is?

Dogs bring joy, companionship, and unconditional love to people and I believe that is why so many have dogs.

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If Mochi dog was a person, what career do you think would best suit her and what do you think her motto in life would be?

Mochi would probably want to be a ninja because she is so fast. She always kicks her feet and jumps on top of furniture to get to places.

And finally, if Mochi had the ability to answer just one question, what would you ask and what do you think the answer might be?

Mochi loves babies and is always excited when she sees them in strollers, so I would probably ask her why she is obsessed with babies.

I think Mochi would probably respond saying that they smell good and she wants their binkies.


Thanks so much Asia!

Keep up to date with Asia's latest projects online at or follow her Youtube channel.





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