Issue 63

K9 Magazine Guide To…House Training Your New Puppy

If you’re one of the lucky few K9 Magazine readers who’ve recently acquired or are thinking of getting a new puppy, congratulations! You’ve done your homework and selected the breed that’s right for your lifestyle. You’ve got your copy of K9 Magazine, bringing even more joy to your exciting ownership experience and now we’re going to make it even better by delivering a brand new puppy advice article in each and every issue from now on.

We begin with the issue that most new puppy owners need advice with the most in the first few weeks after bringing puppy home - housetraining.

House-Training Your New Puppy

Most animals that are born in a nest have an instinctive desire to move away from their nest/living area in order to relieve themselves. They will do so without being taught as soon as they are able.

At the age of about three weeks, they will begin to leave the sleeping area to go to the toilet. Your job as a puppy owner is to teach them that our house is ours and their nests, and that they have to move outside when they want to relieve themselves.

Begin the house-training process by taking puppy outside to the same spot in the garden at the following times:

1. Shortly after each feeding, playing, exercise, and any excitement.
2. Immediately upon waking.
3. First thing in the morning.
4. Last thing at night.
5. Once every hour.

It may take time and patience, but your new dog will deliver bundles of memories, fun moments and joy over the years, so it's well worth sticking with it and getting it right.



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