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Pettura Calming Supplement Review: For Dogs Afraid of Fireworks, Try This

We adopted Danny almost two years ago. Before he came to us we had just lost our Labrador, Chloe, and Mia, our Rottweiler had been diagnosed with cancer and had undergone one operation with another scheduled.

When we were told about Danny, then named Milo, we judged how he would fit in with our family based on his rescue's testimony and photographs and videos which showed his temperament because before going into rescue he had been found straying, underweight and his history was unknown.

We always ask people to go on gut instinct viewing's many dogs through photos, write ups and videos before contacting their rescue to find more, so even though we didn't know a lot about his background, we felt we knew enough to judge his character. His kind eyes were the first thing to connect with us, in truth.

Milo became Danny and he joined Mia, our recent addition Christopher (like buses two came along at once) and a sceptical cat who moved into our home from the garage around four years ago and is solid enough in her opinions to know she doesn't like change. Until she accepts the change and then all's cool in the cat's world again.

But, even though we felt we had a handle on his personality and how he would fit in, we still knew little to nothing about his background and so navigating the things that make him tick - from his original dislike of having a dog near him when he slept, to being uncomfortable about being closed in rooms, to learning about his fear of noise - specifically fireworks.

We've navigated it all and time has been a big help, combined with Mia's desire to put her needs first (often toppling into Danny's bed at night time while upside down) or Christopher's non-stop party bus which is all about playing and will only get going when Danny joins in.

Fireworks, however, has always been an issue and one we've struggled to combat. The usual things of creating a den, distraction techniques or keeping  the volume on TV's turned up has done little to help and so when we were given the chance to try a new calming supplement from Pettura which we were told works in 15 minutes we leapt at the chance.

Fireworks are no longer consigned only to scheduled events or specific dates in the year, sadly if you're a pet owner, and specifically the owner of a fearful pet, you know they can happen anytime, anywhere and catch you unaware so the speed at which this supplement works (15 minutes) is really what we think is its biggest benefit.

When our package of Pettura arrived, Danny's Calming supplement arrived alongside two other supplements in their range - Oral Health, to help control tartar and bad breath and Healthy Joints, a joint supplement for Mia.

All bottles and boxes in the range are colour coded, ideal if you have more than one at home!

Inspecting the Calming supplement further, we learnt that the people at Pettura have made it very simple to use and easy to dose. It is also suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.

When you know your dog's weight, simply look at the chart on the box to learn what's recommended for your dog.

Danny, at just under 50lbs, has two pumps of the liquid supplement per dose.

With the Calming supplement you can give when needed, whereas the other supplements give dosage information on a daily basis I note (paying specific attention to the differences in labels between Healthy Joints and Calming).

The Pettura Calming supplement (RRP £24.99) is drug free and includes:

  • Chamomile, which relaxes and can act as a mild sedative
  • L-Trytophan which Pettura say is a precursor to the brain chemical serotonin and will help to calm the body protecting against stress
  • Ginger Root Extract which contains specific compounds that bind to serotonin receptors, helping to combat anxiety
  • Valerian Extract which can help to calm nerves and relax the body from tension, anxiety, and discomfort

Caught unaware, I gave Danny his first dose when some fireworks began unexpectedly. The bottle design makes it easy to pump the required amount onto food or a treat and keep the remaining liquid fresh by re-locking the nozzle when you're finished.

I've tried mixing and matching with different foods to find a way to disguise. Being 'new' and Danny being quite fussy, peanut butter was the best way I found to conceal the liquid and taste.

After his first time of trying, I sat eagerly waiting to see how he would react as the fireworks continued. He reacted at the loud bangs, moving from terrified to shocked I think based on the bark vs running around, and he settled much quicker afterwards. The following day, I decided to add the supplement to his tea and this is how we've continued on days I knew fireworks were likely.

I shared my sample with a friend and dog owner whose own dog is scared of fireworks. Equally, he has tried all sorts including t-shirts and pheromone products and was still searching for a solution which could work quickly.

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After at first giving it to his dog with food, he decided to syringe the liquid supplement direct followed by something tasty afterwards. He felt giving an hour earlier than needed had a positive result and she seemed calmer.

Thanks to Pettura for sharing the supplement with us.

Mia's take on the Healthy Joints supplement is coming soon, but for more information and to read other reviews on the Calming supplement and whole range, visit Or you can find online with other retailers, such as, where you can order with Prime delivery.





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