Protecting Your Puppy For The Future

By on April 10, 2013

There are plenty of things a dog owner has to think about when they get a new puppy. Puppy food, bedding, toys, is the house safe? and so on - but what rarely comes to mind when you're enjoying the company of your new pup is taking care of the future.

Like so many things associated with dog ownership, it's always better to be preemptive. It's no good looking into pet insurance the day after your dog needs a costly operation.

Desmond Fellows has compiled a must read list of things you can do to protect your puppy for the future, today.

Insuring Your Puppy

Insurance, as well as providing peace of mind and protection, plays a really important part in responsible dog ownership. When accidents happen and dogs need urgent medical attention and in some cases, life saving surgery, the last thing a dog owner wants to be doing is fiddling with a calculator trying to work out if they can afford it. Insurance, provided you've taken out the right policy, will remove all of that hassle and enable you to make the right decision by your dog.

A lot of people wait a couple of years before they look into dog insurance, but quite often it's too late by then and they've had an unnecessary expense to incur. Keep in mind that pet insurance also covers third parties and public liability.

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In most cases, a breeder will advise on worming and prevention against other parasites, but it is a good idea to keep on top of this one. One way of doing so is to keep a diary or log of when you worm your pup. Puppies are prone to picking up parasites, as well as other nasties, as the immune system is still weak during puppyhood, so ensure that you don't neglect this subject.

What's the best - or worst - puppy advice you've ever received? Let us know - we'd love to publish your hints and tips for other dog owners to benefit from!

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