Living With a Disabled Dog: Special Report

By on December 1, 2010

Cherie Kendal was just a normal, devoted dog owner, until her pet was involved in an accident and she had to radically re-think how she went about her life. Since the accident, Cherie has focused on exploring pet disability and care, whether caused by trauma or illness, it's a massive adjustment for the human but surprisingly easy for the dog.

Her understanding and pragmatism offer a refreshingly candid account of what it means to care for a disabled pet - and it very rarely involves doom and gloom.

God forbid you ever have to face the day if your family pet gets one of its limbs torn off by a hit and run. This nightmare happened last year to our four-year-old Beagle.

Here is an account of what happened:

The above special report can be downloaded, printed, read on an eReader such as Kindle or iPad.




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