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Kidney Disease in Dogs

Kidney Disease in Dogs

Kidney disease in dogs is something that owners of older dogs have to be aware of. Hearing a vet hand down the diagnosis that our dog is suffering with kidney failure can be a devastating ordeal for any dog owner to contemplate. It's prudent for us to learn what we need to know to spot the signs of kidney problems in dogs as well as get a general understanding of the role of diet in canine kidney health and other insights in to what makes our dog's kidneys function healthily.

As our dogs get older they increasingly become vulnerable to problems affecting their vital organs. Be it kidney function, bladder, liver, heart etc.

Kidney Disease in Dogs

In this report we examine kidney disease in dogs by deconstruction of the stages, vital signs, symptoms and known treatment plans.

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It's often said, the only downside to a dog is that they are not here long enough.

As our canine pals age they become prone to a wide range of problems affecting their vital organs.

Interestingly, we don't have to wait for our dogs to age in order to take preventative measures to keep their kidneys and other vital functions in good health. In fact, the sooner we implement a healthy diet, lifestyle and familiarise ourselves with the key symptoms that will help us spot potentially serious problems down the line, the better chances we give our dogs to avoid and overcome a wide range of health concerns.

Looking out for our dog's kidney health is something to be done early on. Despite the fact that kidney problems often occur as the dog gets older, kidney problems can and do affect any dog of any breed and at any age.

This report examines the role of diet, lifestyle and addresses how to spot the signs of kidney disease in dogs as well as providing information on the prognosis for dogs that have been diagnosed with kidney disease.

The report is written with the express intention of raising awareness for owners of how to identify potential symptoms of kidney disease as well as various management plans. Always consult a vet before acting.



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