Is Your Dog Near-Sighted And Should You Even Care?

By on March 10, 2011

Have you ever considered that your dog may need glasses? No, probably because you've never seen a dog wearing glasses. But if you think about all of the marvellous miracle cures we have for dogs - such as carts and prosthetics for amputee dogs and pills for epileptic dogs - isn't it strange that we haven't addressed the issue of poor sight in our pets?

If you think about it, before domestication poor sight would have eliminated a dog from the gene pool. An inability to see prey or predators would make a dog less likely to survive in the wild. Yet since domestication, it seems that there are no challenges to survival for dogs with poor vision. This has lead us as custodians of the breed to largely ignore the subject.

For all I know, my dog could be extremely short-sighted, there's no real way for me to tell without eye-tests. And how do you ask a dog to read the little letters on the bottom row?

So it may surprise you to know that not only are many dogs short-sighted, there are many breeds where short-sightedness is very common. Perhaps your dog is short-sighted...

The dogs in this clip all varying vision and hearing problems. But can you tell who has what? I can't.

Author: Judith Pratt

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