How To Stop Your Dog Jumping Up

By on November 9, 2015

A dog that jumps up is a menace. Not just to you and visitors to your home but to himself too. So why is that we not only fail to correct this potentially catastrophic habit (imagine your dog jumping up the most frail of your relatives) - but we actually encourage it? That's right, we go out of our way to let our dog think that we want him to jump up.

In this special report we:

Uncover the main reason that makes your dog wants to jump up.
Lift the lid on the three things (nearly) all dog owners do to encourage this.
Explain how to fix the problem in Fifteen Minutes.
Explode the biggest myth about correcting behaviour.

This simple but effective report is FREE to K9 Magazine Premier members to download instantly.

If you would like to purchase the report on its own and have it delivered by email - CLICK HERE - (£4.99)

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