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Here’s How to Make The Most of Your Weekend, According to Your Dogs

With the weekend just around the corner, we decided to find some dogs who know just how to make the most of the weekend.

Humans, take note.

1. The dog who wants you to join them in the water fountain!

Photo Credit: smcgee

2. The dogs who want you to keep up with them!

Photo Credit: Jan Truter

3. The dog who loves to play, come rain or shine (the more mud the better though, surely?).

Photo Credit: Will Marlow

4. The hero dog who's too cool for school.

Photo Credit: The US Army

5. The dog who loves to relax in the sunshine.

Photo Credit: ashley.adco

6. The dogs who love make the most of their free time at the beach.

Photo Credit: Brett Davies

7. The dog who loves al fresco dining.

Photo Credit: christopher sebela

8. The adventurous dog who loves a good hike!

Photo Credit: Amy Goodman

9. The dogs who say 'cheese'! Catching up with friends = selfie, right?

Photo Credit: Eric Sonstroem

10. The dog who loves to relax and keep cool.

Photo Credit: Michael Gil

Whatever you're doing, have a great weekend!



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mrs J Weaver

    April 28, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    My dog had a couple of fatty lumps as a puppy but now, after 10 years he must have about 15-20 fatty lumps and more appear all the time. Can you tell me what causes them and is there is any way to stop them coming. He otherwise seems quite healthy at the moment.

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