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How Much Does Your Dog LOVE Spring?

When Spring arrives you can almost feel the weight fall off your shoulders. The weather gets brighter and the muddy garden can finally (hopefully) dry out. But best of all you'll finally be able to see that face your dog unleashes when they're bounding around with the wind beneath their heels. You know the face don't you, the one which is full of pure unbridled joy.

Mia protecting her giant tennis ball

How does your dog react? Mine? Danny does a great demonstration of 'Bambi on Ice' with his legs flying in all directions.

Christopher is full of grace, until the football hits the ground. He has still not learnt to pace himself and I often feel he needs a sign around his neck to alert fellow park goers that the foam around his mouth is as a result of his love the game, and the fact he's determined he'll be the ultimate winner.

Mia is the most graceful, although her Spring shadow is the spitting image of Gru from Despicable Me

Here are 7 dogs who can't wait for Spring to get started!

The dog who's eyes say it all.

Not for everyone (size alone rules a lot of dogs out!), but this dog looks happy doesn't she?!

The dog who's so excited to get to the park he makes up his own language!

The dog who's excited to explore!

dog running photo

The dog who's so excited... and she just can't hide it!

dog running photo

The dog who loves to exercise so much, she finished a half marathon!

The dog who thinks life's a beach!

dog running photo

Comment below and let us know how your dog reacts to the warmer seasons - we love hearing from you!


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Whatever you get up to this Spring, we hope you and your dog have lots of fun building special memories to treasure. 



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