Are You Feeding Your Dog Too Many Carbs?

By on November 14, 2013

Many owners still view the dog as a solely carnivorous feeder, but the reality of the modern dog is that he is a versatile, omnivorous eater. The dietary needs of the dog have evolved since his domestication. Most dogs have swapped the baron fields of Europe for the comfort of a basket or bed in a centrally heated home.

Dogs, by and large, are less active today than they were 40 or 50 years ago, says Aaron Rayme. That is, if our own lifestyles are anything to go by. Less need for us to exert ourselves physically hunting and gathering, and certainly less of a desire to do so in the absence of that need.

Changing Times

Our dogs don’t need to hunt and so they expend less energy in pursuit of their food. In times gone by our dogs would hunt in order to feed, in order to give enough energy to hunt again. This is clearly not the case in modern times.

Most dogs get used to being routinely fed and they actually acquire tastes of their own rather being happy to simply eat what’s available to provide them with enough calories to simply exist.

Modern dogs don’t gorge in order to stock up on calories and they can afford to be more picky with their dietary regime (this is still quite rare though, most dogs will still try to stuff themselves, but they no longer need to).

are you feeding your dog too many carbs

Already we can spot various reasons why the canine diet has changed. They no longer need large amounts of fat to stay warm, our houses do that for them; they no longer need huge amounts of energy to hunt with, so their survival requirement for protein is diminishing and they no longer need to gorge on a day’s worth of food as we provide it to them in nice, pre-proportioned amounts on a regular, daily basis.

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