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Do Dogs Really Need Annual Booster Vaccinations?

There is much debate about dog vaccinations and whether dogs do need them every year. In the dog world it's almost as debated as dog training methods, but as concerns about parvovirus rise across the UK, you may be left more confused than ever as to whether your dog will or won't benefit.

In this eBook, we will share opinions from both sides of the argument to help you better understand where opinion stems from to help you make your own decision.

How dog vaccinations work

All dog vaccinations (dog vaccines) are made from the bacteria or viruses of the disease, but they are either given in a dead form or so weak that the disease cannot be given to a puppy. What does happen is that in receiving these harmless doses, the puppy builds up an immunity to the disease in question by manufacturing antibodies. Therefore you can quite safely have your puppy protected against disease by having it vaccinated at nine weeks old and by giving it booster doses at intervals of two years or according to your vet's advice.

Do dogs need annual booster vaccinations?

In this report, we are not seeking to discourage anyone from getting their dog inoculated. This is an essential, responsible dog ownership step. This report seeks to examine the growing controversy over annual so-called 'booster' vaccinations and whether they are actually essential.

This report on dog vaccinations sets out to give you the information and insight you need to reach your own conclusions on whether your dog should receive annual booster vaccinations. It contains information from the UK's leading veterinary sources as well as one of the most high profile opponents of annual dog vaccinations.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dog Lover

    March 2, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    Search under title : “Over-Vaccinated Animals, Autism and SIDS” it is an interesting article that talks about vaccines linked to delayed vaccine associated anaphylatic shock in humans and animals.

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