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By on July 15, 2013

Dog ownership is one of the most popular and fastest growing activities in Canadian culture. Canada tends to be viewed as a country where the great outdoors plays an important part of Canadian lifestyle, in fact Canada could be considered a haven for dogs and their owners.

Miles upon miles of unspoiled countryside and sophisticated urban areas make Canada a very pet friendly place indeed, Sherri Regalbuto explains.

A recent study revealed that more than 35 per cent of Canadian households have at least one dog. It's estimated that Canada is home to more than 5 million dogs, that's almost one dog for every six people.

Canadian pet owners spend in excess of $8.9 billion each year on food, health and cosmetic care, and other supplies and services for dogs, highlighting Canada’s status as a land of bona fide dog lovers. Surveys show that 42 per cent of dog owners let their pets sleep on their beds, and 72 per cent of Canadian dog owners buy their companion animals birthday and Christmas gifts, dragging the nation away from stereotypes of lumberjacks and Newfoundlands trudging through the snow, and skating towards the more real image of generous, sophisticated dog loving urbanites.

Living in Canada, winter can be long and very cold for canines and their guardians. But that doesn’t mean we Canadians don’t venture out of our lovely warm houses into the snow. Dogs are viewed over here as an almost essential part of life, especially outdoor life. In fact the car company Nissan ran a recent advertising campaign for one of their vehicles using the slogan ‘Dogs love trucks’.  Illustrating the importance Canadian’s attach to the happiness of their dogs.

When you live in a country that can dish out some of the worst winter conditions, you learn to have fun with it.   From slushy mild days to freeze your face off temperatures, Canada gets quite a mixture of winter weather.  Although winter is a big part of Canadian living, it is just a fraction of what it has to offer seasonally for dogs and us.

Where is the most pet friendly country you've visited? Let us know - we'd love to hear your tales!

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