Could Superfoods Help Your Dog Avoid Cancer?

By on October 27, 2011

Diet is one of the most important factors that govern a dog’s health. Vitality, well being and appearance are all heavily influenced by the nutrients that a dog receives, but is it possible to fight off an already established disease as serious as Cancer with specially selected foods?

Mark Stevens of Mount Vernon, Washington explained how his partner devised a specialised diet for their dog after a Cancer diagnosis and the progress they made.

“My girlfriend's dog Jake was given two months to live due to having four tumours. The external pilot tumour was surgically removed. Jake is 51.6 lbs., male, neutered at about 2 years of age, currently about13 years old. Except for the Cancer he’s in good health. My girlfriend Sheila put him on a special diet. In the dogs’ four week review, one tumour was gone the other two were noticeably smaller. He may be clear of cancer in the next two months.

Here is the food diary she kept with the results as they occurred.

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