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Dog Collars: Are They an Essential or Luxury Product? We Put a New Designer to the Test!

When it comes to deciding what's an essential and what's a treat, how do you decide?

For me, it depends on who I'm buying for if I'm honest. I can convince myself that something I know deep down is a treat is critical to my future happiness if I really want to. I know I do it. I try not to, I really do, and then I'll see something that I must have and I'm back to square one with desire beating logic quite easily too more often than not.

When it comes to my pets, I'm more sensible though. I know what they need, I know what they want and after that, it's a case of making sure they have plenty of both so that they're always happy.

In some cases though, certain products fall into both camps. For example, your dog needs a collar - essential. The type of collar you need - potentially a treat.

This month we were given a chance to review the new limited edition Kera Lux leather dog collar (RRP from £28.00).

We had recently had the opportunity to send a selection of leather dog collars from Kera Pets to a celebrity for their dog for a K9 Magazine photoshoot but since they'd gone straight to the shoot location, I hadn't had the pleasure of seeing in person, only in pictures so when the parcel arrived, I was excited to see more.

Pandora Christie and Henry / Photo Credit: K9 Magazine

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. Full disclosure: I am a person who likes packaging. I love receiving orders wrapped in packaging that makes the whole process of opening even more special.

In fact, I may or may not order from places - or not - because of their packaging. To me, it's a sign of attention to detail and understanding that the process of ordering, whether for you or your pet, is something that when you do online, you look forward to its arrival, and making that moment as special as possible is important.

The second thing I noticed was the smell of leather when I opened the box. Full disclosure: I also like the smell of leather (new handbags, shoes specifically, I don't go around smelling leather in general), and apparently, so does Danny, who took advantage of his stature to have a sniff before Mia and Christopher could reach.

To me, the smell of leather is a telltale sign of any product's quality and as soon as I started to feel my way around the collar I was impressed.

The bright outer yellow colour is backed by a demure Italian black leather so it's quite a thick collar. The inner layer adds padding, which some dogs might find more comfortable. The finish is a brass buckle and D-ring and the stitching contrasts with the leather, with black on the yellow leather and yellow on the black leather.

The collars are available in sizes x-small to x-large and pricing depends on the size, starting at £28.00 for x-small and ranging to £42.00 for x-large (the price doesn't change on the page when you select the collar size, but it flashes up in your basket). A handy little size guide is on their site:

You can also select a treatment for a little over £1 when ordering for leather protection, saving you a job when the collar arrives if you normally treat your leather products.

We received a medium sized collar (RRP £34.00) and since our dogs are a little on the large size being Rottweilers and a Rottweiler cross Doberman, we shared our gift with dog owner, Jayne Dendle and Dexter.

Here's what Jayne and Dexter thought:

"It's arrived, very nicely presented in the gift box. It has a lovely soft feel and smells of good quality leather. It's well padded on the inside for comfort and well stitched.

"It has a great solid brass buckle and D ring, especially important that the fittings are solidly stitched in, as they are on this one, lesser quality can break away if the dog pulls.

"Love the colour, makes him visible! Dexter wears his collar all the time so comfort is important, this looks as if it will wear well."

K9 Magazine Conclusion: Kera Lux Collar review

All in all, we think Kera Pets are making the experience of ordering and unwrapping a treat for the owner and an essential for the dog who'll receive the collar. It's a win, win with quality shining through at an affordable price.

Thanks to Kera Pets for sending us their limited edition Lux collar, to find out more about them (and find the 10% discount code on their site) visit



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