Desperately Seeking a New Home: These 5 Dogs Love Life, but Something Is Missing – Could It Be You?

Across the UK there are thousands of dogs waiting for new homes. These dogs all have one thing in common - the right home is out there for them somewhere, they just need the right person to find them.

We have teamed up with dog adoption site, and Direct Line Pet Insurance to bring you 5 dogs who love to love life, and are desperate to start the next chapter of their lives with a home and family to call their own.

Speaking to K9 Magazine about the benefits of owning a dog, Prit Powar, head of pet insurance at Direct Line said: "Dogs are affectionate animals, and must be treated with the love and attention they deserve. As a nation of dog lovers, it is important for owners to know when their dog is most happy.

"Like humans, dogs also have favourite ways of spending their time, either playing with their go to toy, going on their favourite walk or spending time with the person that means the most to them. The more time we spend with our dogs, the more we learn about what they love to do and what brings them enjoyment."

And with that in mind, here are a few special dogs we'd like you to meet.

This dog LOVES walks

Meet Panda! She's a 2 year old small Akita who found herself in rescue after being unclaimed at a council pound. To stop her becoming endangered by the 7 day rule, she was taken into rescue care. She is a brilliant girl, who does need some guidance. It is clear she hasn't had a lot of rules in her life to date and she'd thrive in an active home.

Her rescue say, "She would love someone who likes to run, she would make a fantastic running partner!"

She loves to walk (and run) and adores other dogs. She could happily live with another dog who is quite a strong personality and wouldn't mind telling her off gently while she navigates into adulthood and becomes more sensible.

Her rescue says, "Panda is a gorgeous happy, bouncy active puppy that so desperately needs a forever home and family to grow up with."

Find out more about Panda on -

This dog has a VERY SPECIAL party trick he LOVES to perform

Meet Tarik! He's a 6 year old Labrador with a penchant for swimming, but that's not what his party trick is. Oh no, Tarik has a very special trick up his coat (sleeves).

His rescue say, "Tarik is very clever and will sit and give a paw. His party trick is to play dead when you go 'bang bang'." Wow, all we have to say is "Move over David Copperfield, there's a new magician in town!".

Tarik would love a home where he can have cuddles on the sofa and go for lovely walks. Tarik has lots of love to give. If you have Labrador or Gundog experience he would love to hear from you.

Find out more about Tarik on -

This dog LOVES to smile

Meet Suzie! This gorgeous girl is around 12-18 months old and found herself taken into rescue after being abandoned. After that, you might think she would reflect and feel sad. But not Suzie.

She took stock and decided that being in rescue could lead her to find a home she could call her own - FOREVER.

Her rescue say, "Suzie loves fuss and attention. She loves long walks and is looking for a home she can thrive as the only dog in the home while she adapts and learns."

Find out more about Suzie on -

This dog LOVES his teddy

Meet Borris. He's a 3 year old cross-breed who is looking for his first home. Yes, you read that right. Up until now, this beautiful boy has spent his life in kennels.

Since coming into rescue he has learnt lots, including socialisation and has discovered a love of toys, specifically his teddy as the video below show.

His rescue say, "He is always eager to please. He is very clever and loves his food so teaching him should be fun and rewarding."

Find out more about Borris and contact his rescue on -

This dog LOVES to dance

Meet Benji! He's an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier who has a typical Terrier's big personality.

A fun-loving little boy, he is guaranteed to make you laugh and smile as he tries to please. One of his favourite things to do is show off his sweet dance moves. His rescue say, "Benji will go through his repertoire of dancing and spinning for you to keep you amused."

He has had a lot of changes in the course of his life and is looking to settle down in a secure and safe home to call his own.

Find out more about Benji and contact his rescue on -

If you think you have a dog-shaped hole in your life, please consider adopting one of the thousands currently sitting in kennels and foster homes across the UK waiting for you to find them. Visit and bring joy to a dog’s life, and yours.



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