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Common Behavioural Problems – Solved!

We all have questions about our dogs and why they do certain things and can't shake certain habits. This month we've taken some of your most common dog behaviour questions and asked two experts to offer their advice.

This month, first up...

Why Does My Dog Jump Up?

A popular euphemism for jumping up is ‘excited greeting’. In reality an excited greeting is a frantically wagging tail, jumping up is undesirable for numerous reasons. The quickest and easiest way to solve this problem relies on making the dog dislike jumping up.

People often try to reward a dog for not jumping up as a means of eliminating the behaviour, but what are you really rewarding? As far as the dog is concerned, you could be rewarding him for not doing all sorts of things. The danger of the dog not knowing why he is getting the reward out weighs the potential benefit.

A simple way of discouraging the behaviour is by making the experience of jumping up very unpleasant for the dog.

Upon returning home or entering a room, or any situation where the dog will want to jump up, apply this rule.

Do you have any particular dog behaviour problems you've like to submit to our expert panel? Let us know!



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