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Celebrity Dog Owner Review: Have We Found the Perfect Dog Walking Coat?

One of the biggest benefits of owning a dog is having a ready-made excuse to head outdoors. Walking has lots of benefits aside from the obvious one of exercise, it gives you a chance to mentally break free from your surroundings and give yourself a breather. It can even lower your risk of developing dementia and illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma and strokes.

Actress, new mum and dog mum Sarah Jayne Dunn is also a personal fitness trainer and she's previously told us all about the benefits of teaming up with your dog to enhance your fitness, and theirs, so when we were asked to review a stylish dog coat which is ideal for dog walks we knew just who to ask.

Here's Sarah.

This month K9 Magazine asked me to review something slightly different to my normal review requests. Usually, Ming Ming, our pet Pug gets to review a multitude of treats, new foods or doggy fashion and often myself and fiancé, Jon happily escape for a couple of nights to review dog friendly accommodation.

This month, however, was totally different with the treat being just for me. I was sent a navy Baleno Paris quilted jacket to review.

The 'Paris' jacket is three-quarter length, quilted and has a faux fur removable collar.

As soon as it arrived, as predicted, we had a freak few days of red hot weather so I popped it in my cloakroom waiting for the weather to cool a bit. Sure enough, the British weather did not disappoint and just a few days later the skies were a familiar shade of grey. With a chill in the air, it was time to give my coat its first outing.

Although it's great for dog owners going on dog walks, I've been throwing it on to do the supermarket run, to go out for lunch, to have a family day out AND to walk Ming Ming.

The jacket is very flattering because it’s slightly tapered at the waist and it has a belt feature to the rear which cinches the waist in. I like that it’s three-quarter length too because it keeps this chill from your midsection, making it a really snug coat. The jacket fastens with a zip and has buttons which seal over the zip, again keeping the draught right out.

It’s equipped with 3M Thinsulate featherless insulation which means it’s not at all bulky like many warm coats but it does keep you lovely and warm, without feeling bulky.

The faux fur collar is a lovely touch. It sits in a perfect position, just taking that chill from your neck and ears, it’s also removable for those milder days or slightly chilly Summer days.

Being navy it goes with everything too, although it's also available in an equally versatile 'champagne' colour. It has two pockets which I've found a good size and are useful for the essentials we all need when we go for dog walks.

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Have you heard about...?

If I had to make one change, it would be a slight tweak and I'd add in a thin fold away hood, without it this coat falls flat on rainy, drizzly days and heaven knows we get a lot of those!

All in all, it’s a great coat and rather than feeling frumpy, scruffy or just bulky like I usually do when out walking the dog, I actually feel stylish yet still practical. I feel like we can take the dog for a long walk and then go to a nice pub for a coffee afterwards without needing to nip home first to get changed.

Many thanks to Baleno for sharing the 'Paris' jacket with us this month!



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