CBB’s Frenchy Morgan & Playmate Sherra Michelle Introduce Their Dogs to Support #DogsOverDiamonds Campaign

Our dogs mean the world to us. My own dogs guide my day. Whether I want them to or not, they tell me when it's time to get up and they tell me when it's tea time. My rescue dog, Danny particularly likes his routine and he gravitates to it, in part I assume because of his past life which we know nothing about.

Last week we told you about the new campaign launched by animal charity Cause4Paws founder, Jasmine Dustin who is encouraging her celebrity friends to share photos of their beloved dogs with the hashtag #dogsoverdiamonds and tagging the charity into their posts on Instagram and Facebook. Each celebrity who shares their photo is then invited to challenge their celebrity friends to share their own photos.

The campaign aims to celebrate the bond we have with our dogs with the message that it is stronger than anything - even diamonds, which the famous saying has tagged as woman's best friend.

As part of the campaign's efforts to spread the word and raise funds for Cause4Paws work supporting homeless people and their pets, two of the campaign's latest supporters, CBB's Frenchy Morgan and Playmate Sherra Michelle have shared some exclusive pictures and told K9 Magazine all about their beloved dogs.

Hi ladies! Thanks so much for your time today. Please tell us all about your dogs.

Frenchy Morgan: Hi! My dogs Princess and Angel are my world. They are 6 and 8 years old and they're Germans Shepherds. They're both girls and they go with me everywhere - from the beach to Starbucks to the bank. They ride all over.

Sherra Michelle: Hi there K9 Magazine! My dog's name is Herschel. He's a 3 1/2 year old red nose Miniature Pinscher 3 1/2 years old. He's a really chill dog with a lot of character. He likes to travel with me so I take him to the movies and on aeroplanes. He is always calm. He loves attention from females - he's a tiny ladies man (laughs).

Jasmine's campaign is asking celebrities and dog owners to share photos with their dog with the #dogsoverdiamonds hashtag to raise awareness. Tell us why you're supporting the campaign.

Frenchy Morgan: I love animals so much, especially dogs. I'm vegetarian and I love to support animals. I truly believe we are their voice.

Sherra Michelle: I am supporting Cause4Paws because I believe all dogs should have a home and be loved the way Herschel is.

We're big believers that there's a lot that dogs know that we don't yet, and there's a lot we can learn from them. What do you think is the most important thing humans can learn from dogs?

Frenchy Morgan: True love, loyalty and passion. Dogs are amazing, like they're from another dimension - they're magic.

Sherra Michelle:  I think the most important thing humans can learn from dogs is to live in the moment and enjoy each day. 

One final question ladies, finish our following sentence.

Frenchy, please complete this sentence: my dogs are...the love of my life! They own me and my house and car (laughs).

Thank you! And Sherra, what would you say to complete the sentence: my dog is... is the king. He rules the house. Herschel is very regal and charming. He is a tiny alpha male and he knows it. Everyone treats him like he's special and I love how he makes others happy.

Thank you so much!

We will be sharing more news and celebrity interviews as the campaign continues.

Head over to the cause4pawsla IG page to see more and share your own photos with them and us @K9Mag on Facebook or @k9magazine on Instagram.

You can also donate to the campaign and help Cause4Paws to help more homeless people and their pets here >>




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