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Can You Guess Which Celebrity Is Dressing Up Like Her Dog on Instagram?

Meaghan Rath is a Canadian actress who most recently played Detective Clea Annou in the fourth and final season of the hit TV show, 'Rogue'.

Alongside her four-year old dog, Buggy she has been sharing photos of their adventures over the last few years, but most recently, she's upped her IG game and has been sharing photos of the duo wearing matching outfits - the photos are guaranteed to make you smile.

We think it probably started in March when the actress shared this photo with the caption 'same, same'.

Photo Credit: Instagram/meaghanrath 

Which was followed by this photo which took a trip down memory lane with Jem and the Holograms.

We know the music's the music's contagious (outrageous) so if you need to get the soundtrack out of your head, listen here.

Photo Credit: Instagram/meaghanrath 

After that, Meaghan and Buggy opted for their own outfits.

She's openly admitted it's on her to-do list now.

Photo Credit: Instagram/meaghanrath 

And clearly getting into a groove with it.

Photo Credit: Instagram/meaghanrath 

We can't wait to see what Buggy gets up to next.



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