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Best Dog Products 2017: Here Are 5 of the Best We’ve Seen & Tested

Every year thousands of products hit the pet market, and so as 2017 draws to a close, we have reflected on some of the best products which have launched or come to our attention.

With the help of our review team, here are 5 of the best we've discovered.

Best Dog Food: Forthglade Grain Free Complete Meals

What makes it special: Forthglade’s 100% natural grainfree complete meals are packed with quality ingredients; 75% meat including lamb, turkey or duck as well as tasty vegetables like butternut squash and sweet potato.  The gently cooked recipes, which are produced in Devon, include beneficial herbs and botanicals, plus all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to stay fit and well.

Available in convenient 395g trays, for ease of serving there are also smaller sizes which are great for smaller breeds.  All Forthglade recipes are free from any junk or fillers. Visit for more information on Forthglade’s natural ranges of dog food and treats.

K9 Magazine says: “For its high-quality ingredients and for being free from junk and fillers, we are pleased to award ‘Best Dog Food’ to Forthglade’s Grain Free Complete Meals. “

Price £1.35 (RSP)

Buy Forthglade Now

Best New Design to a Pet Essential: Dogrobes

What makes it special: Perfect after outdoor adventures, wet walks or bath time, Dogrobes are the easy way to dry your dog. Inspired by repeated requests from customers, Dogrobes commissioned Araminta Campbell – a renowned Scottish textiles expert – to design a bespoke Tartan for the Dogrobes’ brand. The result is a striking red, charcoal grey and white check. Now it’s easy to dry your dog in style!


K9 Magazine says: “We are thrilled to include Dogrobes in our 2017 ‘Best Dog Product’ awards with their new bespoke Tartan print, which caught our attention recently.

“Some months ago our celebrity friend, Harriet Lee reviewed for us and spoke very highly of these practical dog drying coats. All dog owners know the after-effects of a wet dog walk or bath, Dogrobes helps dogs to dry quickly at home or on the move, and help to keep their surroundings (and you!) dry in the process.”

Priced from £29.95

Buy Dogrobes Now

Best New Dog Treats: Pet Munchies Chicken & Sweet Potato Sticks

What makes them special: Award-winning treats all made with 100 percent natural human grade meat. Only the finest quality ingredients are used and these premium gourmet treats are exceptional with no artificial colourings or flavours. Suitable for dogs of all sizes with grain and gluten free varieties, they make for a delicious reward.

K9 Magazine says: “We are pleased to award Pet Munchies new Chicken & Sweet Potato treats with our ‘Best New Dog Treats’ award because not only are they 100% natural with no artificial ingredients, our dogs absolutely love them – and so does every dog we’ve shared them with.”

Price £2.99 (RRP)

Buy Pet Munchies Now

Best New Eco-Friendly Dog Product: Scruffs® Eco Box Bed (Urban)

What makes it special: Fabric used to design Scruffs® Eco beds is woven using a yarn produced from re-engineered PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Recycled plastic bottles provide the PET polymer material, reducing the burden on our landfills and natural resources. The manufacturing process releases less CO2 emissions than producing standard fabric.

K9 Magazine says: “For its innovative eco-friendly design, we are pleased to include the newly relaunched Eco box bed in our ‘Best Dog Products 2017’ awards. From the outer canvas to the inner fleece, this bed is eco-friendly inside and out.

“The design team truly have made this a bed environmentally conscious dog owners (and their dogs) will love.”

Priced from £29.99

Buy Scruffs Eco Bed Now

Best Dog Lead & Collar Set: The Original Grippy

What makes it special:
Award-winning Grippy Leads are designed and made in Cornwall. The dog lead with a difference has multiple handles for non-slip grip and allows a short/medium/long lead instantly. Great for all dogs – both big and small, in a wide range of colours, with collars to match.

K9 Magazine says: “We have been using the Original Grippy for some time. The non-slip lead’s unique multiple loop design immediately allows you to increase or shorten the length of your dog’s lead, putting less strain on your arms. Although suitable for all dog breeds, ages, shapes and sizes, we have found it great for walking large, strong dogs. It’s for this reason that we are pleased to include The Original Grippy in our ‘Best Dog Product 2017’ awards.”

Priced from £7.99 (collars) and from £17.99 (leads)

Buy The Original Grippy Now

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