eBook: The 50 Greatest Dog Books of All Time

By on June 28, 2012

At K9 Magazine, we get about five books a week sent in. Some are re-issues of the classics, others are novels from new writers, we also get biographies, training manuals, humorous hard backs and sentimental soft backs, we even have a book of knitting patterns for dogs somewhere. It takes a lot of effort, but they all get read.

Not only is it our job, but we take great pleasure in reading the great books that get sent in to us, so we decided to compile our top fifty so that you, avid reader can make your way through some truly brilliant canine literature.

[sws_toggle1 title="Read an Extract of eBook"] The Legend of Mick The Miller – Michael Tanner

It was an intensely difficult choice between three classic, true life tales of man’s relationship with dogs. But it’s the legend of Mick, what he did for so many people, combined with the heart wrenching sincerity in the portrayal of when Mick finally passes on that cements the quintessential, indescribable specialness that sharing one’s life with a dog can bring.

Marley and Me – John Grogan

Marley and Me is one of Amazon’s best selling books of all time, and for good reason. American journalist and author John Grogan captures in his autobiographical account of “life and love with world’s worst dog”, an intimate and detailed account we can relate to.

Beautiful Joe – Marshall Saunders

The true story of Joe, told by the woman closest to him became a classroom staple, and advocated animal rights, human rights and promoted kindness to millions of people.

Greyfriar’s Bobby – Eleanor Atkinson

A timeless classic concerning Bobby’s selfless devotion to his master. A story most of us already know.

Rags: The Dog Who Went to War - Jack Rohan

Dramatic, touching, true tale of a war time hero. Rags saved the life of his owner, his comrades and civilians in this story of devotion, incredible intelligence and courage under fire during World War One. [/su_spoiler] [tabs style="2"] [tab title="Inside the eBook"]

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