Bespoke Dog Collars on Test: What’s the Real Difference?

We're lucky enough to live in a world where we can customise so much for ourselves and our pets. In reality, the customisation of designer pet products such as collars, is for the benefit of the owner, rather than the pet themselves, in a lot of cases.

We were lucky enough to be sent a bespoke collar and lead set from Aristopaws recently which Christopher, our now 13 month old Rottweiler boy has been putting to the test.

Who are Aristopaws?

Founded by Julia Bell, Aristopaws is a designer pet boutique with a range of high end products you're sure to find exciting and stylish, while seeing that the beds for example are functional pieces of art that will compliment your home and your beloved pet.

Exuding beauty and eluding the mainstream high street the discerning owner whose pets are an important part of the family will certainly find their inspiration here. Aristopaws aims to amalgamate the best of the best, an online solution for those who desire luxury and opulence.

What did Christopher make of the collar?

Before reaching Christopher, we were given the swatches and styles available to choose from. We were able to choose the exterior (cream) and interior (mushroom) leather colour with matching stitching, as well as design features on the outer leather. Every part of the collar and its design feels high quality and high end.

Being a big dog with a larger neck and head, Christopher suits the wider size and the studded look and lighter colours stand out against his darker coat.

A matching lead was also sent to compliment the collar and complete the look.

In fact, Christopher, who's never been short of confidence, found himself testing out his new catalogue poses in his new collar.

We think you'll agree he looks like a superstar, and his friends, Mia and Danny, are a little jealous of his snazzy new look.

And he's just a little bit pleased with himself about that.

All in all, we loved the process of creating a bespoke collar and lead set, but it was in this case for our benefit rather than his. We admit it and we're happy to do so.

A big thanks to Julia at Aristopaws for working with us to make this review happen. Find out more about Aristopaws online at where you can choose your own bespoke collar and lead set, and much more making your own dog's friends a little bit envious.



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