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7 Funniest Photobombing Dogs Guaranteed to Make Your Day Better

Dogs. What would the internet do without them? Many stars, deliberate and otherwise, have been made as a result of their antics and we love it.

Here are 7 dogs taking the art of photobombing to a whole new level - we guarantee they'll bring a smile to your face.

This dog is getting in the zone for that perfect Instagram photo. His friend has other ideas.

Photo Credit: Reddit

This dog lives with a dog named Jack, short for Jack-in-the-box. He pops up whenever he wants.

Photo Credit: Reddit

This dog was invited to a party. He photobombed to mark the occasion - after disposing of his toy on his friend, of course.

He seems quite happy with himself, doesn't he?

This dog decided to make the train journey home more interesting.

Photo Credit: Imgur

This dog says 'hey, remember who your number 1 baby was'.

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Have you heard about...?

This dog is taking his breed's name literally by springing into the camera's view.

Photo Credit: Imgur

This dog thinks his owner's engagement is a reason to celebrate. And he should be centre stage.

Did we succeed? Did you smile? We hope so! Why not share a smile and pass it on.



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