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5 Best Dog Apps

Whether you own an android or Apple phone, you'll no doubt be bombarded with app suggestions. But how many are actually useful to you as a dog owner? With so many new apps coming onto the market every year, we've found 5 of what we think are the best apps for dog owners.

Best for All-Round Canine Fitness & Health

‘Walkies’ App – Launched by pet insurer, Direct Line, this fantastic app will help you to map your dog walks and record the distance walked as you get out and about this Summer. Designed to help you track your favourite walks and calories burned by both you and your dog(s), you can also discover new recommended walks, before sharing your adventures with friends and family by email or on Facebook/Twitter.


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Aims to Reunite More Pets With Owners

‘Finding Rover’ App –  New to the market, this app hopes to revolutionise reuniting more missing pets with their owners. Allowing owners to match their pets with facial recognition software, the app will scan your pet’s facial features and match against pets found.

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Perfect for Dog Training

‘Dog Whistle Pro’ App – Those teaching the recall will no doubt be aware about the many benefits of whistle training. This app is designed to give you the chance to use different frequencies of whistle sounds to find one your dog best responds to.

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Ideal for Dogs Who Suffer From Epilepsy

‘Pet Epilepsy Tracker’ App – Designed by the Royal Veterinary College with collaboration from the Epilepsy Society, this app can help pet owners track and manage their dog’s condition. Allowing input of medication with logs and reminders, owners can also track seizures through the diary feature.

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Keep in Touch With Pets While Travelling

‘Facetime’ App – If you’re anything like us, when you have to travel you miss your pets and want to keep in touch with their guardians to check everything’s okay. Facetime allows you to video chat and keep in touch with loved ones while out and about to give you peace of mind.

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