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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Your Dog a Water Fountain

You might read the headline and wonder if we're serious and yes, we are. Here's why.

My oldest dog is a toilet diver. She always has been and I don't know why. When we got her 11 years ago, I could never have predicted I'd spend a proportion of every day telling her to 'get out of the toilet'. She has bowls of water filled in multiple spots, and yet when I hear her plodding upstairs in a bunny hop fashion, I can predict where she'll stop for a refreshment.

It's become apparent the older she's got that she needs more encouragement to drink water - and ideally from where I'd like her to drink. so when we were given the opportunity to review the Drinkwell® Sedona Pet Fountain (RRP £85.99), I leapt at the chance. I didn't realise how much it would be a game changer though.

Before it arrived, Mia had a touch of heat stroke brought on by the heatwave. She wasn't drinking enough, I knew it, she probably knew it and I spent time trying to encourage her to drink a little more bit by bit by dripping water into her normal bowl from a height so it created a waterfall to grab her attention. Once she was recovered, I began our review.

Watch our unboxing:

As our review continued, I discovered three reasons why I think you too should consider getting a water fountain.

1. The Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain looks good

It's hard to say we choose every single thing we buy our dogs based on our home decor, but we all know there are certain things which are influenced by our surroundings - bowls and beds, for example.

This pet fountain looks good, the bowl is clear and the light mint/green ceramic tower which conceals the pump and charcoal filter, tones really well.

It's been well designed with the modern dog owner in mind. It also has the convenience of being dishwasher proof, excluding the pump and although has to be plugged in to work, it's much quieter than you might expect. Hardly any noise, in fact.

2. The charcoal filter makes the water healthier to drink

The Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain comes with a charcoal filter which is concealed inside the ceramic tower, held in place by a plastic container which sits in the foam filter. Both the charcoal and foam filters are replaceable.

The benefits of charcoal as a water purifier, removing impurities and making it taste better, have been long told. In fact, the Japanese have been using since the 17th century. This may be a particularly big benefit to you if you live in an area and have known water issues.

Make sure you rinse the charcoal filter before using to avoid any debris coming loose when the water runs through the tower before spilling over in the fountain motion.

The main role of the foam filter, aside from being a host to the charcoal filter and pump is to catch hairs and debris from floating in the water. It definitely does this as I discovered when I emptied the bowl and removed the ceramic tower. Not all of my three dark haired dogs hairs were trapped, but most were so it was an improvement on our normal bowl situation.

Here's how the elements all sit inside the ceramic tower.

3. The fountain motion meant this bowl became my oldest dog's first port of call for a drink

Woo-hoo! A massive improvement, toilet calling aside, it was beginning to worry me that Mia's drinking habits were halting.

She doesn't binge drink, but the fountain gives me the confidence to know that I can fill the bowl up with as much, or as little water as I like and I can control how much is available. Although if there's too little in the bowl, there will be less for the 'fountain' effect so I take this on board when I think about how much to refill with up to its three litre capacity.

The only change I would make to the design is to maybe have a second model. Although this fountain is suitable for all dogs and cats, for an older or tall dog, it would be ideal to have it raised off the ground in a holder or dog bowl stand so they don't have to stoop. But I'm nitpicking. All in all, it's been a massive success.

It's an object of fascination to some (Christopher) but Mia's fully sold on it. Everyone who's ever owned an older dog will know that you tend to spot the little things and pounce on them. Mia's drinking habits were becoming a concern, especially in the summer but in this fountain, we've found a solution and I'll be forever grateful for that, plus it looks great in the home!

It's a win win for everyone.

Huge thanks to PetSafe® for sending us the Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain to review.  Find out if it could be what you've been looking for here and read more about the PetSafe satisfaction guarantee by clicking the button below >>





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