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13 Dogs Dressed up for Halloween That Are Guaranteed to Make Your Day

Dogs are great, aren't they? They cuddle up next to us when we want to relax and binge watch our favourite TV show. Then, when we've decided enough's enough and our annual fitness kick begins, they'll join us on a hike. They even indulge us when we want them to be a part of our seasonal shenanigans.

Here are 13 dogs indulging their owners this Halloween.

1. Wookies don't live on endor. They might be living next door to you.

Photo Credit: Imgur

2. This dog doubles as an 'elf and safety expert.

Photo Credit: Imgur

3. 'I am dog, hear me roar'.

4. The end of the world is coming, unless treats are handed out to this Labrador and his headless pal pronto.

Photo Credit: Imgur/Reddit

5. Never mind. Captain America's here to save the day if we need him.

Photo Credit: Reddit

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Have you heard about...?

6. 'Party of the season, eh? Bee there or bee square, you say?'

Photo Credit: Imgur

7. Gobble.

Photo Credit: Imgur

8. In the words of Yoda, 'Happens to every guy sometimes this does'.

9. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman. No, wait, it's Superdog - even better.

Photo Credit: Imgur

10. The background faces are blurred - standard procedure for footage taken from Google Street View cars.

Photo Credit: Imgur

11. No one's going to put this baby in the corner (of the garden).

Photo Credit: Imgur/Reddit

12. 'Make sure you get my best side - I'm putting this on Instagram'

Photo Credit: Imgur

One more? Ok.

13. This dog is our cherry on top.

Photo Credit: Reddit/n1njette

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