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12 Dogs Who Could Teach You a Thing or Two About Hide & Seek

The art of hide and seek has long since been one dogs have mastered, but how well does your dog play? Is it all about the fun? Or are they all business when it's time to hide or seek?

Here are 12 dogs who we think have mastered the game.


The dog who hides in plain sight

Photo Credit: Patricia van Casteren

The dog who's as quiet as a mouse and will 'ear' you coming. (sorry)

Photo Credit: Faylyne

The dog who's part chameleon and can change colour to match the floor.

Photo Credit: Andrew Roberts

These dogs know there's no 'i' in team. 

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Have you heard about...?

This dog's time at hide and seek training camp taught him the skills to take cover in long grass.

Photo Credit: Scott Cawley

This dog still has to go to hide and seek training camp but has mastered the 'down, roll, hide' maneuver already.

Photo Credit: Ângela Antunes

This dog's so good at hide and seek he can take a peek and see if anyone's around without fear of losing the game.

Photo Credit: Mikael Tjemsland

This dog likes to hide in the sea of sofas knowing you'll mistake her beautiful coat for a faux fur throw while searching from room to room.

Photo Credit: Kari Sullivan

This dog's motto for hide and seek is hide where you're most comfortable.

This dog knows the first rule of hide and seek club is you don't bark about hide and seek club, the second rule is you don't bark about hide and seek club. 

Photo Credit: Andy Rothwell

This dog takes her hiding business very seriously, she scouted out this particular location for two months before settling on it.

Photo Credit: d Wang

This dog rates her hiding skills so highly she doesn't even need to take deep cover.

Photo Credit: Rachel Stelmach


So, now you've seen 12 other dogs at the top of their hide and seek game, how does your dog compare? If you want to teach your dog how to play hide and seek, read our step by step guide here:




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