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10 Dogs Appreciating Life on a Higher Level Than We Ever Will & What We Can Learn from Them

It has long been debated if dogs are better at doing life than humans. Dogs don't appear to hold grudges and they don't hate. They love unconditionally and have many traits we envy.

Books have even been written asking what lessons we can learn from man's best friend, but if you're someone who isn't 100% sold on whether dogs really do appreciate life on a higher level, living in the moment more than we do - these dogs are guaranteed to change your mind.

Here are 10 life lessons told to you by dogs who know the deal.

Lesson no. 1: Enjoy your downtime. Life is busy and it will resume soon enough so learn to relax.

Photo Credit: Imgur/GregSummers

Lesson no. 2: Be comfortable in your own skin.

You don't have to pretend to be something you're not. Who you are is good enough.

Photo Credit: Imgur/

Lesson no. 3: Surround yourself with the ones you love.

Lesson no. 4: Have no regrets.

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Have you heard about...?

Lesson no. 5: The bad times will pass.

In the case of this dog here, the panic she experienced when she *almost* lost out on the biscuit was replaced by sheer relief when it all worked out. In the end, life often does.

Lesson no. 6: Money won't buy you happiness.

Photo Credit: Imgur/ninjadanny

Lesson no. 7: Be a loyal friend.

"It's okay, I'll stay with you while you clean up my sick."

Our dog threw up last night at 4 am. He kept me company while I cleaned it up.
Photo Credit: Reddit

When Tom Hardy's dog, Woody started accompanying his actor owner to red carpet events, people across the world began to swoon. When Woody passed away recently, the world felt Hardy's pain.

Dogs are loyal and when they leave us we feel their loss greatly. We should aim to be as loyal to them as they undoubtedly are to us.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Lesson no. 8: Trust your inner voice.

Especially if that inner voice tells you to turn away from the camera when you're about to sneeze. If you don't here's a preview of what you'll look like mid-sneeze (left) and while sneezing (right).

You might laugh...but seriously, if you've done it once you've not done it again, have you.

Here's a picture of a dog sneezing. Have a good day.Photo Credit: Imgur/ControversyPeanut

Lesson no. 9: Set yourself goals.

This rescue dog became town mayor for Christ's sake!

Lesson no. 10: Dogs have no concept of when their last day on earth will be, so enjoy every day.

Photo Credit: Imgur/Thedoctorsmistress





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